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About Cph Volunteers

Since 2009 Cph Volunteers has worked as an organization for volunteering at all the great events in Copenhagen. The Muncipality of Copenhagen wants to strengthen volunteering and the events in Copenhagen. We help events recruiting the right volunteers and guide organizers how to work with volunteers. All non-commmercial event are more than welcome to contact us about a collaboration.

Cph Volunteers' office is in Huset which is placed centrally in Copenhagen, and we belong to the department Kulturhusudvikling & Frivillighed as a part of DIT:KBH/Kultur Ø. The office consists of one full time and one part time employee, who coordinate and communicate with the volunteers. The work is done in collaboration with the rest of Kultur- og Fritidsforvaltningen.


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Lotte Bach, Projektleder Cph Volunteers


Man-tors kl. 9-15.30