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Flemming Mortensen

  • Mød en frivillig - Flemming Mortensen
Here you can read about Flemming Mortensen and his experiences in Cph Volunteers.

Why did you join Cph Volunteers?

I went, a bit unvoluntary, on early retirement after 35 years in the copy/print business – that last 12 years of them as teacher. One day I was looking at the internet searching for travels and offes on cuultural experiences, musuems and such when I found the possbility of being a volunteer at the half marathon. It sounded exciting so I joined without even knowing what Cph Volunteers was.


What kind of job do you have, and what do you do in your spare time?

As mentioned before I am on early retirement, so I have time to bike a lot. I participate in ’Træd Til Danmark’ and I love my two bikes – one for winter – one for summer. Every moning I walk five km to keep fit. This summer I’m growing tomatoes, peas, herbs and an apple tree on my balcony. I also have two grandkids, one who is six years old and one who is three years old, that I have to visit and take care of. I love to read and I am also dabbling i geniology – that I now suddenly have time for.


What has been your biggest experience in connection with an assignment for Cph Volunteers?

On my first assignment I was stationed under the watch at Hovedbanegården prior to the half marathon without really knowing what it was I had signed up for and without knowing anyone at all. I met people from Denmark, Japan, Spain and tons of other places. I got a partner and we got send out in the masses of people with our red jackets and a sign saying ‘Guide’. We met a lot of happy people asking about everything that we could help them with. So with a smile, a bit of humor and a relaxed attitude you can help out. I got back home with a great smile on my face, feeling happy, and went to find out more about Cph Volunteers to see what else I couls sign up for.


What is the best about being a member of Cph Volunteers?

To meet new people who are positive, friendly and at the same time there is a fantastic mix of young and old, Danes and international (just the other day I met a girl from Nepal – didn’t see that one coming). To perform a task which helps the organisers to make an event happen. All those different tasks – I have been a guide at the half maraton, sold entrance tickets at the Medieval Fair – where there was a queue as longs as in Føtex during the weekend with children who all had to get a stamp on the back of their hand, which they loved. I have also taken down the race track afther Warrior dash, which was a little hard.

There are happy people all over and you get to take that home with you. I am very proud of my t-shirts which gives me an opportunity to tell about Cph Volunteers. At the same time I feel at home in these assignments as it is close to my job for the past 12 years where I got to meet and guide new people every day.