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Hanne Løvendahl

  • Mød en frivillig - Hanne Løvendahl
Here you can read about Hanne Løvendahl and her experiences in Cph Volunteers.

Why did you become a member of Cph Volunteers? 
I am a very social and curious person who loves challenges and it was therefore very appealing to be a volunteer at different events and at the same time meet new people of all ages and cultures. 
In the summer of 2014 Ulla from the corpse and I were on a supernumerary job, and she thought Cph Volunteers would be something of my interest. I went home and checked out the website and I was immediately convinced. 

What do you do in your everyday life and in your spare time? 
I work at the team agency SOS as a health care worker at a care home in Hvidovre. In my spare time I spend time with my family (specially my lovely grandchild Steen who is seven years old) and friends. Besides being a member of Cph Volunteers, I am volunteering many other places: I am active in the board and co-ordinator of SingleRock Café in Copenhagen and in September 2015 it will be my fourth year running as a volunteer at Golden Days, recommending for “Kulturkongen”. 
Besides that I play amateur theatre and am a member of which provides me with many exciting experiences in film, television, commercials, articles etc. 

What have been your biggest experience regarding an event? 
I started in January 2015 and have participated in eight different events, which all have made a different impression (Fashion Week, Copenhagen Open, Popcon, The birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, Powerman, Copenhagen Medieval Fair, Constitution Day Parade and Cph Stage). 
When I was a flag distributor at the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, I had a very special and festive day. People socialised and already in bus 1A I got into a conversation with a group of women who were on their way to Amalienborg. What a joy and folk festival! Many kindly and astounding accepted our flags and postcards with Her Majesty on. It was a fantastic and rewarding experience, I never will forget. I had postcards in excess, one I gave to my grandchild and the other caused great joy at a care home where many of the elderly are very fond of the royal family.

What is the best part of being a member of Cph Volunteers? 
I gain insight into events which I most likely would not have participated in otherwise, and very often I am pleasantly surprised. Being a volunteer and being able to “play” provides me with energy for my everyday work and at the same time I am developing new competences and ideas I can use in my additional spare time engagement – one does not leave out others! 
It is exciting and interesting to meet new people of all ages and cultures, as well as having the opportunity to participate in, for instance, an inspiring communication course.