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Louisa Lam

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Here you can read about Louisa Lam and her experiences in Cph Volunteers.

Why did you join Cph Volunteers?
My name is Louisa Lam and I have been a member of the Cph Volunteers for a number of years. Upon my own personal reflection, these years of participation had brought great opportunities of meaningful interactions between people across very different ethnicity, culture and warm friendship. 
What is the best about being a member of Cph Volunteers?
As by having such opportunities to sign up on own preferred events had opened my exposure and understanding to many facets of the beauty of living in Denmark, especially in the realm of knowing new venues and a wide scope of creative learning’s entailed from event to event.
Similarly, I must say the majority of the activities were felt to have been conducted or coordinated to a high standard, whether it was to liaise with or support the organizers on the spot or managing alongside the team leader/manager concerned. Often, the immediate contacts through emails or phone calls (on site) were adequate, one felt undoubtedly orientated about tasks beforehand, and hence, felt  much in control of the work expectations on the day. Personnel were generally pleasant and fun to work with, regardless of big or smaller events at hand. 
Tell us your best experience with Cph Volunteers.
In general, the given tasks were well communicated in time and one was able to be at peace, with no surprises of unpleasantness. The shifts were often well coordinated and one had the comfort to know he or she could leave at the appointed time. Needless to say, the availability of food and beverages over meal time were adequate or rather quite generous, that was often much appreciated by many (uniforms were given on time and nice to have for keep too).
I thank you for consistently opening up the various opportunities for the international people to experience and enjoy in regards to what Denmark has to offer to the public from seasons to seasons and we are grateful to have a part in them from time to time as we have chosen. I thank you, Cph Volunteers for being a great team and we wish you many more such beautiful arrangements and partnerships together in the future. God bless you!