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Mie Kristiansen

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Here you can read about Mie Kristiansen and her experiences in Cph Volunteers.

Why did you join Cph Volunteers?
I was browsing the internet one day for events in Copenhagen. And then suddenly Cph Volunteers’ website popped up – after about five minutes of looking at the page I was convinced. I just had to sign up. I am an outgoing and smiling girl, always service minded and I just really love events, cosiness and Copenhagen. It was therefore really nice when I finally got my acceptance email from Cph Volunteers.

What kind of job do you have, and what do you do in your spare time?
I am studying to become a pedagogue at a teacher-training college on Strandvejen in Copenhagen. I have been looking after children for many years and I have always felt that it was the right thing for me to do. I love spending time with my friends, my family, to travel, to blog (, watching movies, going to cafés, events and so much more. I love the feeling of helping others and have several times been volunteering for fundraising campaigns. I am also a blod donor – and I love it.

What has been your biggest experience in connection with an assignment for Cph Volunteers?
To be honest I have only been a member of Cph Volunteers for about a week now. I was at my first event just yesterday – Copenhagen Medieval Fair 2014. I was a bit nervous when I arrived as I hadn’t done it before. But it went above and beyond my expectations. It was a really good experience. During our shift we had such a good time – everybody was so nice and friendly. It was a very cool experience and the other volunteers were so nice. I have already signed up for more of the upcoming events – and I am looking forward to them.

What is the best about being a member of Cph Volunteers?
The best part really is the unity – the togetherness. Everybody is having a good time and you can’t help caring about oneanother. Other than that – well, then there is the feeling of helping others. I look forward to many more exciting experiences as well as new acquaintances.