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Sara & Sasan

  • Mød en frivillig - Sara og Sasan
Here you can read about Sara and Sasan and their experiences in Cph Volunteers.

When did you arrive in Denmark and why are you here?

We arrived in Denmark the 1st of April 2014. On the basis of the Green Card scheme, we started a new challenge and an enormous change in our life. So here we are, seeking new professional opportunities to build our future.

What do you work with and what do you do in your spare time?

We are both job seekers at this time. Sasan is an Electrical engineer with a background in high and medium voltage power systems and Oil & Gas projects, and I, Sara, am a project planner with background in railway industry as a profession. Our activities during our spare time are doing sports, watching movies, socializing with friends and of course volunteering.

Why did you join Cph Volunteers?

We really would like to know Danish culture and socialize with Danish people and international people and make new friends, so one of our friends recommended that we could find “Cph Volunteers” as a place which we desired. Then we registered in Cph Volunteers!

What is your best experience with Cph Volunteers?

Every event we participated in was wonderful and they made a lot of joyful moments and memorable times in our lifes, but among them we really loved “Copenhagen Medieval Fair”.
In total we have learnt a lot of things from others and we always experience positive atmosphere and a friendly attitude.