Terms of collaboration

We appreciate that you want to collaborate again. On this page you will find information about, what it take to collaborate Cph Volunteers.

Please consider the following points before contacting us

  • Does your event match the purposes we support?
  • What tasks do you need volunteers for?
  • Practical aspects such as requirements for the volunteers' language, number of shifts etc.
  • How are you managing the volunteers?
  • What are you able to offer the volunteers in return of their help?
  • For inspiration of what information we need from you, please go to our event calendar.  

Please be aware of the following requirements

  • That in their nature are events, festivals, major sporting events or single, unique events.
  • That are open to the public w/w.o. entrance fee.
  • Where voluntary labor is an important precondition for completion.
  • That are Copenhagen-, national or international events (however, events with local foundation can be supported if they are the City of Copenhagen's own initiatives, and they are not part of an expected operation).
  • That are municipal or government sponsored (preferably in the form of funds, operations, facilities or cooperation). 

Because we have a lot of different volunteers, please be aware, that we normally don't take the following tasks:

  • Set up and dismantling event areas. 
  • Technical scene work involving electricity, heavy lifting and/or heights.
  • Any type of cleaning and/or waste disposal, etc.
  • Security checks.

Every request is considered according to multiple criteria and with an emphasis on how important the event is for Copenhagen as the host city.