Find volunteers

Find volunteers

Cph Volunteers can help you recruit and work with volunteers at your event.

Maria Sattrup, CMC

Cph Volunteers collaborates with a large number of different events in and around Copenhagen. It gives the volunteers a lot of good experiences and supports a lively event life in the city.

When you collaborate with Cph Volunteers, you will get:

  • Access to recruiting among almost 1500 registered volunteers
  • Sparring and guidance on your volunteer management
  • Option to use the iVolunteer platform to manage your volunteers

We can collaborate with all non-commercial and public events in and around Copenhagen, about most tasks that are easy and accessible such as ticketing, wardrobe, practical work and manning a bar.

Whether your event and your volunteer tasks are within the frames of what Cph Volunteers can help with, you can see more about in the guide further down the page.

Note: Remember to contact us well in advance, preferably 2 months before your event or earlier. That way, we can create enough awareness about your event among our volunteer network.

Guide for new collaborators

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Cph Volunteers can collaborate with events

  • That are events, festivals, major sport events or single, unique events.
  • That are open to the public w/w.o. entrance fee.
  • Where voluntary labor is an important precondition for completion.
  • That are Copenhagen-, national or international events (however, events with local foundation can be supported if they are the City of Copenhagen's own initiatives, and they are not part of an expected operation).
  • That are municipal or government sponsored (preferably in the form of funds, operations, facilities or cooperation).  

Cph Volunteers can not collaborate with events

  • That are purely commercial.
  • That are campaigns exclusively with political, religious or humanitarian purposes.

Volunteers from Cph Volunteers do not usually help with these tasks

  • Building or dismantling of large event areas
  • Stage work involving voltage, heavy lifting or hights 
  • Cleaning, tidying or picking up trash
  • Safety control

Guiding deadlines for new applications

  • New collaborators must apply via "Apply for volunteers" - it is in Danish, so contact us if you don't read Danish.
  • You must apply minimum 2 months before your event but preferably sooner
  • If you need more than 100 volunteers, please apply 3 months before your event begins

Before you apply for volunteers, please consider:

  • Does your event fit with the purpose we support?
  • Which tasks do you need volunteers for?
  • Which qualifications or demands should the volunteers live up to to help you and your event in the best possible way?
  • How long are the volunteer shifts - and how many do you need?
  • Du you have the necassary resources for managing the volunteers?
  • What do you offer the volunteers as a thank you for their work?
  • Where can you make Cph Volunteers visible e.g. at the event, in the digital marketing etc.?

We will clarify all these questions at an introductory meeting where we can guide you about what we experience works the best so you can get the volunteers that fits the best for your event.

For more inspiration, you can take a look in the calendar at iVolunteer.