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An onlinetool for volunteer management

iVolunteer makes it easy to sign up for volunteering and to recruit and organize volunteers. It is developed by us at Cph Volunteers and we use it every day.

Psst.. 'We are happy to share it with others'. 

With iVolunteer it is possible to:

  • Communicate volunteer tasks and work schedules for a volunteer group. 
  • Show tasks on your homepage.
  • Share tasks between volunteer groups - including the volunteers at Cph Volunteers. 

The management becomes easier, so both you as an organizer and the volunteers can focus on the fun part - the event and the volunteer-task. 

Read more about the possibilities and price list on the right. 


Maja Quist



  • Full control of access (public or closed groups)
  • Shifts can be taken freely, by application or by appointment
  • Full overview of work schedules - that can be exported to Excel.
  • Communication about events and task within the system
  • Newsletter/Information mail to the volunteer group
  • Full administrative overview with notifications 
  • Delegation of administrative tasks to e.g. local team leader. 


  • Create your personal profile and update contact information 
  • Clear overview of potential tasks 
  • Communicate with other volunteers and coordinator about tasks
  • Receive confirmations mail immediately 
  • See planned shifts and personal work historic

Technical features

  • Full responsive design
  • Mail answers: Costumies your mail templates for automatic mail respons
  • Different roles possible 
  • Use your own logoes and pictures
  • Insert a XML-feed to your homepage
  • English / Danish setting
  • Compliance with IT-security standards and GDPR etc.