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Efficient online coordination of volunteers and events

iVolunteer is a digital platform that matches volunteers with events and tasks. Recently, it has become possible for everyone to access and use the platform at various levels. We have solutions for both single events, recurring events and for building and coordinating an entirely new volunteer group.

iVolunteer makes it easy to volunteer when you feel like it. This makes volunteering fun and flexible for the volunteer and it benefits cultural events and volunteer groups. Volunteers get an easy overview of the offers that are relevant to them. At the same time, event organizers can effectively recruit and communicate with volunteers.

Key features of iVolunteer include:

  • Online registration for volunteer assignments
  • Calendar view of current volunteer events
  • Rosters both online and in Excel format
  • Newsletter module for easy communication
  • Evaluation module that rates events on a number of parameters
  • Loyalty program for volunteers with gold-silver-bronze badges
  • Automatic emailing system
  • Responsive design, adapted to your own visual design
  • XML feed for website
  • Danish and English version


The platform was developed by Cph Volunteers who has used it daily since 2013 and it has been used by over 6,000 volunteers and 500 events. It complies with the City of Copenhagen's internal security standards - including GDPR - and it is also used by International House, Høje Taastrup Municipality and Holbæk Municipality.

The platform is under development but is still open for new users. Contact us at for more information.


  • Full control over administration and visibility
  • Shifts can be distributed either first-come-first-served, by application or given by admin
  • Full overview on roster with export to Excel.
  • Open communication on events and tasks in the system
  • Newsletters/info mails to entire group
  • Possibility to grant partial access to i.e. local team leader


  • Create profile and update your contact information
  • Easy overview on potential tasks
  • Communicate about tasks with other volunteers/coordinator
  • Receive confirmation email immediately
  • See your upcoming and previous shifts

Technical features

  • Fully responsive design
  • Emails: Create your own mail templates, which are sent automatically
  • Several roles/levels of access possible
  • Use own logo's and pictures
  • Create XML-feed to your own homepage
  • Danish/English
  • Compliant with GDPR and other legal demands