Community rules

When you volunteer you become a part of a community with volunteers and event organisers. Read about what it takes to be a volunteer.

As a part of Cph Volunteers you play a large and important role when you volunteer at an event. Without your voluntary help it would not be possible for so many events in Copenhagen to succeed.

Cph Volunteers is the largest and (according to us) best group of event volunteers. Fo that reason we wish to make sure that both volunteers and collaborators experience the collaboration in the best way possible.

On this page you will find the do's and dont's for volunteers in Cph Volunteers.

Community rules for volunteers

You are in charge of evaluating which tasks you are able to take

When you sign up for a task it will always state which demands there is for the volunteers. It is up to you as a volunteer in Cph Volunteer to evaluate whether or not you are able to meet those demands.

There can be requirements about language skills, physical ability or how you are expected to collaborate. You should always read through these requirements and consider if you are able to meet them.

If you have a disability or other physical or mental limitations, we ask you to evaluate if the tasks we offer are relevant and possible for you to fulfill. Cph Volunteers does not screen tasks on behalf of volunteers.

You are important - so don't stay away

Out of consideration for the organizer and the other volunteers please make sure to show up on time at the right location and to stay for the entire shift.

We urge you to cancel your shift as soon as you know you cannot come - at the latest 72 hours before the shift, so another volunteer from the waiting list can take your place.

If you do fail to turn up to your shift everyone else will have more work to do. Furthermore, you put Cph Volunteers in a bad light. For that reason, you will receive a warning, if you do not show up and have not cancelled your shift. Please note that if you do not show up twice, your profile will be deactivated. If you have received a warning that you think is unjustified you can contact us at

How to be a good Cph Volunteers volunteer

When you volunteer we expect:

  • That you have an attitude that can be justified to the other volunteers, organizers and the audience. This means that you have a positive attitude, are presentable, sober, well-kept etc.
  • It is not allowed to drink alcohol when you volunteer unless the organizer and/or your team leader allows it.
  • That you are a resource and contribution to the organizers. This means that you rise to the challenge, are helpful and ready to be flexible and forthcoming towards the tasks, the organizers, team leaders and the audience. Ask if you are in doubt about anything and remember to clean up after yourself.
  • That you are prepared to be a team player and help other team members so you share both fun and more serious tasks and that you do not take longer breaks than what you have agreed on. 
  • That you are social and contribute to the community. This means that you e.g. talk to other volunteers and pay attention to them. Please do not isolate behind your phone or with a headset on when you are at your task.
  • That you are tolerant in regards to gender, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, culture, religion, language etc. Cph Volunteers is an international and diverse organisation.
  • That you read your emails from the organizers and Cph Volunteers' office and aim to be informed with the task description before you sign up.
  • That you accommodate to other people's understanding of good tone and behavior.
We share the tasks regardless of levels of experience

In Cph Volunteers there are different types of membership, which we will describe. But firstly, it is important to say that even though you have different experience levels we are all equal when we volunteer and help with tasks.

Types of membership

As a new volunteer, you will appear as a 'member' at iVolunteer.

As soon as you have had your first shift at an event as a volunteer, your status will change to 'Active member'.

Gradually as you have more experience attending events as a volunteer, you will rise to

Bronze member (5 events)

Silver member (10 events)

Gold member (20 events and more)

At some especially attractive events, courses and events for members we will prioritize based on your member status. That is our way to reward our very active members.

Legislation on volunteering

When you volunteer, the organizer of the event is responsible for making sure that your tasks are secure, legal and safe.

Different rules apply when volunteering while receiving public subsides. You have to clarify yourself with your caseworker which rules that apply to you and your situation.

In Danish legislation there are almost the same rules for voluntary work as for paid employment. This influences you as an international citizen in Denmark. Most people can work as volunteers as EU citizens or with a work permit, but it depends on where you come from and for what reasons you are staying in Denmark. You can contact for more information.